Too Many Photographers

May 10, 2015

Here comes Ronald Ladao Sunday talk post...  


I know I promise Adam W., that I'll make my rant post about convention photography.  But I got busy the last two weeks.  And then Uriel, asked me about this yesterday.  This is what I said to him.


Here's my stance on convention / cosplay photography.  I rather take more photos on the hallway floor, than "take my time" doing photoshoots at conventions.  The reason being is that.  


#1.  I think I carry too much stuff for something that might not happen.  Carrying 25+ pounds of gear fucking sucks.  Yeah, I COULD use a roller bag.  But choose NOT to, cause well... I'm like prone to forget about my roller when I'm use to wearing a backpack or satchel. So I rather not do that.  Yeah... there could be things I can do without.  Cause I learned how to certain things on camera without needing them before. 


In the field, I'll just carry my Canon 6D w/ Tamron 24-70 f/2.8.  And my Yongnuo store 600exRT flash, and pick out a flash mod that fits the situation / space. and bring in two flash transceivers for just in case wireless flash shooting.  As much I would like to duel wield.  I haven't got put into a pressure situation where I need to do an instant lens change.


So, it's just my health, and (finance) security reason why I said that.


#2. Here comes my "There's too many (photoshoot) photographer" rant right here.  To some, they don't think this is a problem.  Yeah many photographers = more field covered.  But too many photographers can equal. As listing here

  • limited space for a shoot.  (like the Katsucon Gazebo)
  • with limited space, they could be caught in a cross fire with a different shoot.  Causing an awkward image situation in the background during the shoot
  • Back to the space.  If there's more awesome photoshoot space outside than inside.  Like the ratio of that is 7 to 1, and for some reason it RAINS! outside.  OH SHIT! you're pretty much fucked with the shoot and have to do the shoot inside in cramp close quarters.
  • I swear, this is the last space rant I'll make.  CONVENTION SPACE! First off, you didn't really pay for the space to do your photos. THE CONVENTION DID! Second. Your photoshoots in indoor con space is a fucking pain in the ass to walk around if you have your 70inch parabolic umbrella flash, hugging up one section of the space. Third, I really don't want convention security on my ass over this kind of stuff.  Yeah, some convention security knows who I am.  But I DO PLAY BY THEIR RULES! onless I got the okay from the con chair or who ever.  I'll do what I'm doing.
  • To me, this isn't a problem. But it could be to some.  "COMPETITION!".  For the paid shooters, they're competiting against the free shooters.  Hell, there's a decent amount of free shooters that can clean the floor over the paid shooters.  But I'm not too worried about the paid shooters, yet it's most ON THE COSPLAYERS, and the other photog that I'm kind of worried.  Like,  I don't want to take photos of a cosplayer where they ALREADY got great photos from an awesome photographers, and almost have the same ideas that I have.  For the peeps who knows me, you know how much I hate wasting my time and other's people time. The ONLY time I'll won't have that feeling is when I REALLY REALLY want a photoshoot with someone cause.  They're cosplaying from a series that I REALLY like, and I'm REALLY confident that I know how to rock this photoshoot regardless if the other guy is better than me or not. 


I guess most of my rant is mostly usage space, and "repetitive content". If there's too much photographer in one given space. That's where my mind set is at.


#3.  I been doing hallways / event photos before doing photoshoots.  I only do photoshoots when asked about it.  I'm known mostly as a hallway shooter, and for some reason I can make someone's day better if I can properly ID their character and show enthusiasm for their cosplay.  Then hand in my card to know where the picture will be posted at.  Showing them that pic will be somewhere, and know where they'll find it.  Hell, even though you don't really get paid for doing ths.  You're just really promoting yourself into future gigs.  You maybe never know when you'll hit your first "4 digit" gig.  It may not be at con.  But if you do get that gig... Just be damn proud about that.  You don't really need to make money at con.  You gotta spend money to make that money OUTSIDE of con.  So just use the cons to promote yourself.


Anyways.  I think that ends my rant talk about my stance of where I'm at.  I'm a hallway event candid shooter of cosplay,  I'll keep an eye out on the show floor for the cosplay that makes me say DAMN! and LOL WUT!?  And I'll do photoshoots when asked, but I'll keep a very limited numbers on this if it's at con.  I don't want to make promises that I can't keep.  If it's outside away from con, I don't mind if you ask.  This is what i do on Sunday just for fun.  Cause vidya gmaing makes me sad.


To see the comments, just go to my personal facebook page on that.

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