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I'm just a photographer that some of the local nerd community knows. When thing happen, I'm most likely will be there when that is going on. And when it happen, it'll be posted up as soon as the end of the day or ASAP....

My start as a photographer really first started back in high school when I did yearbook photos on a Canon SLR (not DSLR) camera. Then that stopped and I went through automotive school for… what else, Automotive Technology. I landed a job in a Toyota car dealership.

As time passed, I was hanging with one my cosplay buddies. One of them had a Nikon DSLR camera. I checked his out, played with it a bit. But that wasn’t the kicker on how it happened…

It all happened when I bought a Scion from work, after a car accident with my Toyota Corolla. I somehow joined a car club and became their “media specialist” because I was the guy with a really good video camera. Cause of that “title,” I had a random urge to get a DSLR camera. I listened to my radio during my drives and heard a radio ad for the Nikon D60 camera. Without paying much attention towards the review for that camera, I bought it just on impulse. When I first bought it, it was during a club meeting. Took some random shots and then one of my members informed the other members that there’s a car gathering down the road at another dealership. Without any proper training on how to use a DSLR camera, I went towards the event. The owner of that dealership thought I was l33t and asked me to take some shots for them and I was like… @.@ wut?? Did a few shots with some of the knowledge that I previous knew and that’s about it from there.

My curiosity of the Nikon D60 DSLR camera kicked in. I took that camera with me when there was a cosplay hangout and took a few candid shots. I started understanding about shutter speed, aperture, and ISO. I learned what RAW is and how much impact it can do in a photo during post processing. Then learned how flash can be used and modified. Every time I used it, every mistake I made, I learn something new on my own. Yet, it didn’t give me an understanding of what I’m doing.

My cosplay peeps started liking what I shot with just a basic consumer brand camera. That’s where most of my pride came from for my photography.

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